Loans with a term of 48 months


Loans with a term of 48 months are available from almost every branch or direct bank. There are also numerous car banks that offer such loans. However, they may only be used to finance a new or used car. Otherwise, the loans with a term of 48 months are usually freely available.

Perform credit comparison

Perform credit comparison

Even if the term is identical, the loans with a term of 48 months differ in some cases considerably. For this reason, it would be highly advisable to carry out a comparison on the Internet before deciding on a specific installment, consumer or car loan. Such a comparison is possible around the clock, seven days a week and only takes a few minutes. It would be ideal if the prospective customer would use a comparison calculator. Only a few details are required for this. Only the term and the desired loan amount would have to be entered in the loan calculator. The prospective customer then receives several suitable loan proposals, which are sorted according to certain criteria and listed in a list. Almost all loans with a term of 48 months can be applied for online using a special form provided by the bank.

Requirements and application

Requirements and application

For all loans with a term of 48 months, which are granted in Germany, certain requirements must be met. Only if the customer has a fixed income and flawless Credit Bureau information does he have a chance of getting a loan. This applies regardless of whether the loans with a term of 48 months are credit-dependent or credit-independent.

As soon as the customer has submitted a loan application, the bank will obtain Credit Bureau information. If there are no negative entries there, she could temporarily approve the loan and send the customer a corresponding notification. However, a final approval will only be given if all other requirements are also met. First and foremost, this includes a good income, which should not only be sufficiently secure, but also sufficiently high. Only then can the bank really guarantee that the customer can repay the loan in full within the stipulated period.

The monthly repayment rates depend on the amount of the loan taken out, the length of the term and the type and amount of the interest. The interest rate is the same for all customers with a credit-independent loan, but with a credit-dependent loan it could be subject to considerable fluctuations in some cases. The basic principle is that those customers who can demonstrate a very good credit rating have to pay significantly less interest than those customers who are less likely to do so.

Loans for the self-employed compared

The variety of loans on the market is greater than ever before, not only private consumers can benefit from attractive credit products, the self-employed can also benefit from numerous offers today.

Loans for the self-employed do not differ significantly from conventional credit products; as a rule, the borrower can also influence the term, loan amount and use here. The high variety of offers ensures a generally low interest rate level, but the large selection also has a disadvantage, making comparability difficult. Comparing loans for the self-employed can help enormously in finding the best offer.

Loans for the self-employed in comparison – it should be noted

Loans for the self-employed in comparison - it should be noted

If you want to compare loans for the self-employed with one another, you should orient yourself on a few key data: term, loan amount, repayment and interest. The interest rate is of enormous importance in the comparison because the interest rate is responsible for the borrowing costs. Debit and effective interest rates are also signposted for loan offers for the self-employed. The self-employed also need to focus on the effective interest rate. The effective interest rate is flexible and depends primarily on the creditworthiness of the borrower. In addition to the credit rating, the term, loan amount and use for the effective interest rate can also be important.

The duration is particularly important in the comparison because it defines the repayment together with the loan amount. Term and loan amount are also important for the cost of credit.

For the banks, the term and loan amount always pose a risk that is difficult to calculate, the higher the loan amount and term, the higher the costs incurred for borrowing. Small amounts of credit with a short term are advantageous, but they increase the credit default risk enormously, which can have serious consequences especially for the self-employed.

As a self-employed person, you can largely determine the use yourself, but with the borrowing only private use is possible, use as an entrepreneur loan is excluded.

Loans for the self-employed in comparison – The Internet helps

Loans for the self-employed in comparison - The Internet helps

The self-employed should use the Internet when comparing loans today, there are objective and free comparison options. Many portals have a loan calculator for self-employed loans. The loan calculator enables individual information to be taken into account; as a rule, an individual loan amount, term, repayment and use can be taken into account.

By taking the search criteria into account, the search can be restricted and the best offers can be filtered out. Through the comparison, the lowest-interest, best-performing offer can be used in the long term. The credit costs can be permanently reduced and a lot of money saved.