Swiss credit for everyone

Many people who cannot get a conventional bank loan wonder whether it is possible to get a Swiss loan for everyone. Although this question can basically be answered with yes, the borrower should allow enough time when choosing a suitable bank or a private credit broker and pay attention to the seriousness of the offer.

Loans without Credit Bureau

Loans without Credit Bureau

No German branch or direct bank grants a loan without Credit Bureau, but the situation is different for foreign banks, especially Swiss banks. A loan without Credit Bureau is by no means identical to a Swiss loan for everyone. Many banks only grant their loans when the customer can demonstrate a fixed and secure income as well as employment as an employee or civil servant.

If there is no age limit, pensioners could also get a loan without Credit Bureau. However, a Swiss loan for everyone presupposes that it is available not only for employees, but also for the self-employed, freelancers, unemployed, students, housewives or trainees.

Since these are usually difficult cases, it is advisable to hire a credit broker. However, he cannot guarantee that every wish for a Swiss loan can be realized for everyone. This applies even if the credit intermediary has years or decades of experience and has numerous connections to domestic and foreign lenders and to Swiss banks.

Disbursement, approval and repayment

Disbursement, approval and repayment

Every installment or consumer loan, regardless of whether it came through a credit intermediary or has been applied for at the bank, must be repaid in fixed monthly installments. How high these rates are depends on various factors, whereby not only the loan amount, but also the term and the borrowing rate play an important role.

In addition, every borrower should make sure that the monthly rate matches their income. If it is too high, the borrower can quickly become overwhelmed with the payment of the installment. This should be avoided from the start.


Instant credit with lightning transfer


An instant loan with lightning transfer is the ideal form of loan if the loan or the sum of money is needed as quickly as possible. Most applicants for this loan apply for an instant loan because they urgently need to settle an invoice that would otherwise entail high dunning costs.

Loan application

Loan application

An invoice that is not paid on time or not paid at all, of course, always ensures a note in the Credit Bureau, which significantly reduces the creditworthiness compared to other loans or mail order companies. Accordingly, of course, invoices should always be paid in full as quickly as possible. This is the only way people can ensure that the invoice will not soon be significantly higher due to dunning costs and other fees in the event of late payment. In the case of an instant loan with lightning transfer, the loan application is checked immediately, but usually within 24 hours.

In this way, the borrower quickly gains certainty as to whether he can rely on the loan or whether another bank has to be found. After successful verification and the signature of the borrower, the Blitzüberweisung ensures that the money reaches the borrower’s account quickly. The Blitzüberweisung will be commissioned immediately after receipt of the signed loan agreement and will be processed primarily by banks. This means that the money can be used as quickly as possible.

The right loan if it has to be quick

The right loan if it has to be quick

The instant credit with lightning transfer is therefore a good choice if you have no time to lose as a borrower. This also applies if you want to quickly replace an existing loan by using the sum of the new loan. The best-known example is the transfer of a overdraft facility to your own checking account. These loans take effect automatically when the borrower and current account holder overdraws his account and this temporarily moves in the red.

Most banks charge an annual interest rate of 15 to 20 percent – well above the average of a conventional installment loan. The instant credit with Blitzüberweisung can read this overdraft facility as quickly as possible, if no incoming payments are expected in the near future, in order to avoid further debt due to the high interest rates. As always, the prerequisite for an instant loan is that the borrower has sufficient creditworthiness.

A bank can only take out a loan if it has a regular income of the appropriate amount. If this is not the case, the only thing left to do is to secure the loan, which would further delay the loan, or directly to a private loan.

Instant loan with negative Credit Bureau entry


The car is broken, necessary repairs have to be made to the house or you want to renovate an energy-saving house. But the wishes cannot be realized with your own salary alone. At the house bank there was a rejection because the necessary creditworthiness is not given by a Credit Bureau entry.

Instead of resigning, it’s worth taking a look at the Internet. Here you will find the right instant credit with negative Credit Bureau entry for every requirement and all ideas. The creditworthiness is unimportant, as lenders accept other collateral for online credit and do not judge an applicant by his creditworthiness. Even in extremely difficult cases and with high debts, an instant loan with a negative Credit Bureau entry is not rejected.

Comparing loans makes the decision easier

Comparing loans makes the decision easier

Since there are a lot of offers on the free financial market for an instant loan with a negative Credit Bureau entry, you should bring transparency to the offers before making the final decision and use the free online comparison. When comparing, it is advisable to not only look at the interest and fees, but also the general conditions in a direct comparison and thus find the best offer for you.

For large and small wishes, there are online loans from private individuals who are particularly flexible and can be paid out very quickly. But Swiss loans through an independent financial intermediary also impress with fair offers and approval within 24 hours.

The comparison should be carried out on the basis of your own criteria and used for the elimination procedure to make loans less attractive or too expensive. Only if the offer fits the borrower directly will it stand out as a correct and equally favorable decision.

There is also flexibility when it comes to providing collateral

There is also flexibility when it comes to providing collateral

An instant loan with a negative Credit Bureau entry can be secured in different ways. If you want to mortgage a real asset such as a mortgage-free property or a paid-for car, you can do the same as someone who wants to deposit capital-forming life insurance with the lender or a savings facility for retirement.

If no tangible assets are in the possession and the borrower cannot provide collateral on his own, a surety is always an accepted and recognized protection for an immediate loan with a negative Credit Bureau entry. The borrower does not have to worry about the collateral deposited, since it is unaffected for protection and is not disposed of by the lender.

They are for security and disposal only if the borrower does not pay installments and does not stick to the contract. The guarantor is only liable if the borrower does not settle his debt on his own.

Credit buy-back without insurance

credit loan

Carrying out a loan consolidation without insurance attracts the curiosity of some borrowers. However, is this operation possible without insurance?

The desire for a loan despite receiving sickness benefits is unfortunately not easy to fulfill. Sickness benefit is only part of the conditionally attachable income. The article will put together for you what credit opportunities there are, where the problems lurk.


Credit consolidation without insurance: possible?

Credit consolidation without insurance: possible?

During a loan buyback operation, the borrower must be insured if he wants to increase his chances of obtaining financing.

However, it is possible to carry out this operation without having taken out insurance. However, very few financial institutions will grant financing in this type of case and today it is very complicated, if not impossible, to obtain this type of operation without coverage.

This is explained by the financial fragility of some borrowers do not present enough guarantees of risks, accompanied by banking institutions wishing to ensure repayment of the loan optimally.

In addition, even with significant wealth and high income, the borrower must take out insurance on pain of being refused his request for loan consolidation.


The cost of my insurance in a repurchase of credit

loan credit

The majority of borrowers wishing to redeem their outstanding amounts without insurance are mainly motivated by the cost of coverage, especially for elderly households or those with health problems.

However, it is important to emphasize that purchasing insurance can help the borrower avoid several problems.

Indeed, the insurance of total and irreversible loss of autonomy or the partial permanent disability insurance of work will allow the borrower to be able to repay his credit in the event that he would suffer an accident preventing him from finding a professional activity.

Other insurance such as permanent disability and temporary disability work will also allow the borrower can repay the credit if it would suffer prolonged sick leave.

However, to get a loan consolidation some insurance such as insurance or death insurance death and disability has become almost mandatory.

The insurance policies mentioned above represent those which are the most taken out during a loan consolidation operation. Depending on their situation and needs, a professional advisor can advise the borrower of the necessary insurance.

Loans with a term of 48 months


Loans with a term of 48 months are available from almost every branch or direct bank. There are also numerous car banks that offer such loans. However, they may only be used to finance a new or used car. Otherwise, the loans with a term of 48 months are usually freely available.

Perform credit comparison

Perform credit comparison

Even if the term is identical, the loans with a term of 48 months differ in some cases considerably. For this reason, it would be highly advisable to carry out a comparison on the Internet before deciding on a specific installment, consumer or car loan. Such a comparison is possible around the clock, seven days a week and only takes a few minutes. It would be ideal if the prospective customer would use a comparison calculator. Only a few details are required for this. Only the term and the desired loan amount would have to be entered in the loan calculator. The prospective customer then receives several suitable loan proposals, which are sorted according to certain criteria and listed in a list. Almost all loans with a term of 48 months can be applied for online using a special form provided by the bank.

Requirements and application

Requirements and application

For all loans with a term of 48 months, which are granted in Germany, certain requirements must be met. Only if the customer has a fixed income and flawless Credit Bureau information does he have a chance of getting a loan. This applies regardless of whether the loans with a term of 48 months are credit-dependent or credit-independent.

As soon as the customer has submitted a loan application, the bank will obtain Credit Bureau information. If there are no negative entries there, she could temporarily approve the loan and send the customer a corresponding notification. However, a final approval will only be given if all other requirements are also met. First and foremost, this includes a good income, which should not only be sufficiently secure, but also sufficiently high. Only then can the bank really guarantee that the customer can repay the loan in full within the stipulated period.

The monthly repayment rates depend on the amount of the loan taken out, the length of the term and the type and amount of the interest. The interest rate is the same for all customers with a credit-independent loan, but with a credit-dependent loan it could be subject to considerable fluctuations in some cases. The basic principle is that those customers who can demonstrate a very good credit rating have to pay significantly less interest than those customers who are less likely to do so.

Loans for the self-employed compared

The variety of loans on the market is greater than ever before, not only private consumers can benefit from attractive credit products, the self-employed can also benefit from numerous offers today.

Loans for the self-employed do not differ significantly from conventional credit products; as a rule, the borrower can also influence the term, loan amount and use here. The high variety of offers ensures a generally low interest rate level, but the large selection also has a disadvantage, making comparability difficult. Comparing loans for the self-employed can help enormously in finding the best offer.

Loans for the self-employed in comparison – it should be noted

Loans for the self-employed in comparison - it should be noted

If you want to compare loans for the self-employed with one another, you should orient yourself on a few key data: term, loan amount, repayment and interest. The interest rate is of enormous importance in the comparison because the interest rate is responsible for the borrowing costs. Debit and effective interest rates are also signposted for loan offers for the self-employed. The self-employed also need to focus on the effective interest rate. The effective interest rate is flexible and depends primarily on the creditworthiness of the borrower. In addition to the credit rating, the term, loan amount and use for the effective interest rate can also be important.

The duration is particularly important in the comparison because it defines the repayment together with the loan amount. Term and loan amount are also important for the cost of credit.

For the banks, the term and loan amount always pose a risk that is difficult to calculate, the higher the loan amount and term, the higher the costs incurred for borrowing. Small amounts of credit with a short term are advantageous, but they increase the credit default risk enormously, which can have serious consequences especially for the self-employed.

As a self-employed person, you can largely determine the use yourself, but with the borrowing only private use is possible, use as an entrepreneur loan is excluded.

Loans for the self-employed in comparison – The Internet helps

Loans for the self-employed in comparison - The Internet helps

The self-employed should use the Internet when comparing loans today, there are objective and free comparison options. Many portals have a loan calculator for self-employed loans. The loan calculator enables individual information to be taken into account; as a rule, an individual loan amount, term, repayment and use can be taken into account.

By taking the search criteria into account, the search can be restricted and the best offers can be filtered out. Through the comparison, the lowest-interest, best-performing offer can be used in the long term. The credit costs can be permanently reduced and a lot of money saved.

Loans for severely disabled people


In addition to their handicap, severely disabled people face other difficulties, because the apartments in which they live are often not built to meet the needs of the severely disabled. If the apartment or house is the property of the severely disabled, appropriate conversion measures can be carried out.

However, such conversion measures are quite expensive and not everyone has put as much money aside and a loan for the severely disabled must be applied for.

State funding

State funding

In some states, the construction measures related to severe disabilities are funded by the state through a loan for the severely disabled. Such a building loan can also be approved if an existing living space is to be converted for the disabled.

However, the approval of the loan also depends on the financial situation of the borrower. The respective municipalities provide precise information. Interest-free loans from the state are also possible under certain conditions.

Bank loans

Bank loans

If government funding is not an option, a loan for severely disabled people can also be applied for from any bank. Banks must not differentiate whether people have disabilities or not. Ultimately, the permit depends on the income of the severely disabled and their creditworthiness. Refusing a loan just because of their disability is not legal and is not practiced.

Long-term loans – what should you watch out for?

Long-term loans - what should you watch out for?

With long-term loans, special attention should be paid to interest rates. The loan terms for a home loan are longer than for a normal installment loan. It is important to take advantage of the current interest rate trend. In times of low interest rates, a longer term should therefore be chosen, because the interest rates are fixed during this time and cannot rise or fall.

The remaining conditions also play a role in the decision. If the bank offers special repayments free of charge, this has advantages for the borrower, because the banks usually charge money because they have an interest loss through special repayments that they compensate for. If they do not do this, it is only positive for the customers.

Loan for 8,000 USD – How to apply



The loan with a loan amount of 8,000 USD is one of those loans with which a lot of wishes and dreams can be realized. Since it is not a very small amount that is to be funded spontaneously, you as a borrower should finance this amount with a proper loan and if possible not avail of the expensive financing through the overdraft facility.

Although many banks provide overdraft facilities for a higher amount than 3 net monthly salaries, they do, however, charge interest in the double-digit percentage range. So read more about how to get the most suitable loan for 8000 USD and how to determine the optimal term.

Mostly, terms of 36 months or more make sense

Mostly, terms of 36 months or more make sense

The borrower can use the loan for a term of 8000 USD according to his own ideas and wishes. This can be used to finance the dream of own mobility, a new kitchen or home furnishings or the new, energy-saving heating for your own home. With a loan with this loan amount, you should definitely start an internet comparison and find the best conditions there.

The borrower determines the right, appropriate monthly rate for the joy of the newly purchased items. Calculate the monthly coverage of the income over the expenses and use only part of it for the new retail or consumer loan. With a suitable calculation, the payment phase becomes a pleasant, trouble-free experience.

Saving opportunities thanks to the loan

Saving opportunities thanks to the loan

If you are interested in this loan, then you should also consider the many savings options that this loan enables. You can concentrate entirely on the purchase of the high-quality item and do not have to talk to the dealer about financing. When buying a new car, the car dealer does not have to reimburse the manufacturer for an interest subsidy.

The situation is similar with various discount or carefree financing from various furniture stores! The credit for 8,000 USD from a bank enables you as a customer to have complete negotiation options without being restricted to a specific range or even promotional items.

Loans for pensioners – quick and esasy

Nowadays, pensioners and pensioners are very keen on consumption and like to treat themselves to something out of line. Quite a few retirees, however, only have low monthly pension payments, so that it can sometimes be difficult to finally fulfill one or the other long-cherished wish now in old age.

In addition, retirees sometimes face considerable resistance when applying for a loan so that they can still fulfill their dreams and dreams even at an advanced age. The house banks in particular, with which pensioners have often built a close relationship during their professional lives, suddenly and regularly wave off when it comes to a loan for pensioners.

You don’t have to do without anything even in old age

You don

Conventional banks and credit institutions have comparatively rigid requirements and are simply no longer allowed to lend at a certain age. For this reason, the Internet gives pensioners unprecedented opportunities to obtain a loan for free use even in apparently hopeless cases.

The loan application can be made from the comfort of your home PC, eliminating the hassle of running around. All application documents for a loan for pensioners can be sent by e-mail or by conventional mail, open questions can also be spoken by phone to the reputable credit broker on the Internet.

Fast, transparent and uncomplicated application procedure ensures quick payment

Fast, transparent and uncomplicated application procedure ensures quick payment

Even if the pension may not be that high, there are always other forms of security in the form of real estate or insurance contracts, especially for older people, which can be included in the loan application if necessary. This significantly increases the chances of getting a loan for retirees.

The same applies if a pensioner can name a solvent guarantor as an applicant, who can also be included in the loan application. Due to favorable credit conditions and flexible terms, which are determined entirely according to the personal life and income situation of a pensioner, a corresponding loan can be presented in almost all cases.

Protection in the event of death can be included in the plan if desired

Protection in the event of death can be included in the plan if desired

The options of special repayments or additional security in the event of death during the contract period can also be discussed with the reputable credit broker. The installment payments can be planned so that a loan for pensioners can be repaid over a longer period of time.

This also has the advantage that the monthly budget of a pensioner is not too heavily burdened. The dream of a long-awaited trip around the world, an age-appropriate home furnishings and many other wishes can be realized quickly and easily with a loan for pensioners. If all application documents are together, a pensioner can expect a binding loan decision within a very short time.

Credit for evening school

If you want to continue your education after the regular school and apprenticeship period, you sometimes have to dig deep into your pocket. Because many training measures have to be privately financed. Evening school is generally free of charge as long as you continue to pursue your profession or are available to the labor market on a regular basis. But those who are already over 30 years old and therefore no longer have a right to Credit Aid may need some money to be able to finance the evening school. A loan for evening school is needed.

Installment loan or employment agency?

Installment loan or employment agency?

If school books, a computer and other teaching material are required for evening school, then a few hundred USD quickly come together, which must be taken in hand. If you don’t have this, you have to take out a loan for the evening school. There are two ways to do this.

On the one hand, you can take out an installment loan with a bank in the most traditional way. The conditions for this are like any other loan. The borrower must have a regular income and must not have a bad credit rating. On the other hand, if you attend evening school and have no job, it will be difficult to get an installment loan. After all, the important income is missing. In such a case, you should go to the employment agency.

Is loan needed?

Is loan needed?

These offer an interest-free loan for further training measures, which is available if you receive benefits from the employment office and the further training enables you to start working life. If you want to get money from the employment office as a loan for the evening school, you have to make an application. In addition, the previously learned profession does not have to be promising or no longer feasible due to illness or other restrictions. In such a case, the Office will review the application and, if necessary, cover the costs.

As with any other loan or loan, the money has to be paid back at the end. This happens in small installments, which are either offset directly against the services of the office or which the evening student has to transfer separately each month.